Organic Essential Oil

Essential oil is a concentrated liquid acquired from plants or parts of the plants that contain the essence of the fragrance of the plants. They are extracted either by steam distillation. Those oils are an integral part of aromatherapy, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, incense, household cleaning products.

Essential oils are known to humanity since the first century of the previous millennia. Besides being used in traditional folk medicine, these Essential oils have been top-rated in aromatherapy. The active aromatic compound of the particular plant makes these oils useful for curing several ailments of humankind.

National Organics, a Nepali pioneer company, produces a variety of essential oils. The incredible biodiversity of the beautiful Himalayan nation, Nepal, with a diverse climatic, latitudinal and geographic condition makes the country a fertile ground for growing some of the world’s best plants for producing essential oils. Some of the essential oils being produced by the company are wild crafted while others are cultivated.

Currently, National Organics has been working with a non-profit organization, Grow Nepal, to ensure the quality and sustainability of the raw materials for the essential it harvests. Grow Nepal has been supporting local farmers to produce high-quality raw materials by providing them with the necessary training, technical backstopping, monitoring, supervision as well as finance for the production facilities and quality certification. This non-profit organization further strengthens the farmers through co-operatives. It supports the smooth operation of the co-operatives so that those farmers stand on their own and produce the raw materials sustainably.