Organic Soapberries

Soapberry is a plant-based natural cleaning solution that works as a natural, gentle, and effective soap. It is a berry-like fruit used to wash clothes, clean body, shine jewellery, and even wash dishes and surfaces. Free from any harmful chemicals, these cleaning berries are compatible with all types of complexions, therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The saponin, a natural detergent found in Soapberries, produces the pH balanced lather that not only moisturizes but also gently cleanses skin and clothes.

Besides cleaning, the Soapberries are environmentally safe. As a natural insect repellent, no pesticides are required for the cultivation of the Soapberry plants. Therefore, these cleaning berries are natural soap for humans and good for biodiversity as well.

National Organics, together with Grow Nepal, has been cultivating Soapberries across all the temperate to tropical regions of Nepal, which is one of the world’s biologically diverse countries. These organic berries are gathered from wild trees grown in uncultivated soils across the country without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Besides wild crafted berries, National Organics has started producing cultivated Soapberries as well through the help of Grow Nepal.
Recently, through the help of Grow Nepal, National Organics is also producing cultivated Soapberries as well. At Present, the joint effort has yielded approximately 8-10 Tons of raw Soapberries in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Altogether, farmers of 20 households of roughly 100 family members have directly benefited from the cultivation of Soapberries. Grow Nepal is currently facilitating those farmers in forming Co-operatives, stand on their own, and produce an ample amount of Soapberries sustainably.