Zedoary Essential oil

Zedoary Essential oil

Botanical Name Curcuma zedoaria Roscoe
Common Name Zedoary
Family Zingiberaceae
Parts of used Rhizomes
Method of extraction Steam distillation
Distribution Tropical and Sub-tropical areas
Type of Product cultivated

Plant Description:

Curcuma zedoaria (zedoary) is a perennial herb. The fragrant plant bears yellow flowers with red and green bracts, and the underground stem section is large and tuberous with numerous branches. The leaf shoots of the zedoary are long and can reach 1 meter (3 feet) in height.

Product Description:

Zedoary is a wild-crafted essential oil widely used as a condiment, as a flavoring for liqueurs and bitters. The oil is equally popular in perfumery, and medicinally as a carminative and stimulant. Zedoary oil is obtained from the rhizomes of Curcuma zedoaria Roscoe through steam distillation. Zedoary rhizomes are collected from the tropical and subtropical wet forest of Nepal. The herb is a gastrointestinal tract stimulant, which aids digestion and relieves colic pains. The essential oil from dried Zedoary roots is used in perfume and soap fabrication.

Chemical Constituents:

The essential oil contains D-borneol; D-camphene; D-camphor; cineole; curculone; curcumadiol; curcumanolide A and B; Curcumenol; curcumenone curcumin; curcumol; curdione; dehydrocurdione; alpha-pinene; mucilage; starch; resin; sesquiterpenes; and sesquiterpene alcohols. The root also contains numerous other bitter substances; tannins; and flavonoids.


  • Zedoary essential oil possesses an earthy, spicy-warm, and mild camphor smell that is very peculiar in the perfumery and flavor industry.
  • This rare essential oil uplifts mood energizes emotions and rejuvenates the body instantly.
  • The essential oil is usually helpful in indigestion, colic, and flatulence.
  • This oil also helps to ease muscle cramps and strains.
  • The Zedoary essential oil has antimicrobial property, due to which it is equally beneficial as a home remedy against bacteria, fungi, worms, and parasites.
  • The oil is not only preferred in hair care formulations but also in skin care products to make hair strong and remain youthful.

Medicinal Use:

Zedoary is traditionally used for treating flatulent colic and indigestion, though not as popular as ginger for the same purpose, and the bitter tincture of zedoary root is used to prevent disease recurrence (as with malaria) and to treat ulcers. Through its bitter properties, zedoary increases the flow of gastric juices relieving dyspepsia and gastrointestinal upsets associated with digestive organ congestion.
Zedoary is also used for treating stomach ailments and general weakness. The root of this plant is a stimulant, aphrodisiac, and, amazingly, a cure for amnesia. It is a warm, stimulating aromatic, useful in flatulent colic and debility of the digestive organs. It is nutritional, appetizer, digestive and carminative agent.

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