Soapberries – Healthy Planet, Healthy People

September 19, 2018

Hidden Treasures

Sapindus Mukorossi or Soapberry has been used for thousands of years in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia.  The medicinal properties of the fruit of this tree has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in its holistic approach to nature’s healing abilities.  Used topically, it can help in cases of eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and acne.

Today Soapberries are no longer restricted to Vedic culture and the like but have been ‘discovered’ by those seeking not just a natural approach to wellness but also those who treasure the Earth and her environment.

Current Trends

Today’s consumers are aware and interested in the environment and keen to do what they can to maintain it for future generations.  Our certified and organic Himalayan grown Soapberries help them in this goal.  Organically certified, sustainably grown, and being a fair-trade product makes these little berries worth their weight in gold

We at National Organics are ‘producing’ Soapberries as a laundry detergent and multi-purpose cleaner, which not only helps the planet and has health benefits, but which will also appeal to your customers.


The lather producing quality of the Soapberries is ideal for using as an alternative to chemical laundry detergents. But why would we want to go through the trouble of collecting these little berries? Why would consumers take the time to either create a liquid from the Soapberries at home or fiddle around with the berries themselves in washing machines when they can simply pour in some commercially bought chemical detergent?

The tide is turning towards sustainability and ethical practices…

Healthy Planet

We have all seen those horrifying videos of islands of plastic floating around in the earth’s oceans.  And we have seen the pictures of wildlife starving to death because their beaks or muzzles have been caught in plastic ties and rings.  We have also seen the pictures of children suffering from the result of over-exposure to pesticides and chemicals.  In fact, many readings this will have suffered from dermatological problems due to the kind of chemicals that are contained within almost everything we come into contact with, including our washing detergent.

So in today’s trend of individuals doing what they can to save the planet, here are the facts your customers will appreciate about Soapberries:

-Since Soapberries are 100% plant based, natural and biodegradable, there is no harmful residue getting into the water system and oceans.

-With their own natural pesticide, there is no need to use pesticides or other chemicals in the growing stage to deter pests.

-Being certified by Ecocert SAS, National Organics’ soapberries are guaranteed 100% organic.

-National Organics’ Soapberries are sustainably harvested from renewable sources.

-The depleted Soapberries can be safely disposed of in the organic waste bin or dug into the garden.

-All through their process, from picking to packing, we follow a strict and traceable organic policy.

-Healthy People

Consumers are also becoming more health conscious and wish to create a more healthy life style for their families.  So here are other facts about Soapberries your customers will love: –

Soapberries are wild crafted, organic, and have no known side-effects.

Infact, Soapberries have many health benefits: –

  • anti-fungal;
  • anti-microbial;
  • anti-bacterial;
  • they assist with the control of eczema, psoriasis and dandruff when used as a tropical treatment, and
  • due to the saponin they can help control cholesterol, maintain healthy bones and stimulate the immune system.

There is even suggestion and research into their power to limit the growth of cancerous cells (see Rao AV and Sung MK on

Why Change?

You and your customers might like to know the side-effects of normal detergent when considering whether to not to swap over to soapberries:

-Most laundry detergents contain bleaching reagents, such as chlorine. They also contain oxidizing agents that are used to whiten clothes and remove stains. These bleaching agents can irritate skin, lungs, eyes, and further aggravate respiratory problems.

-Commercial washing detergents are packaged with several chemicals to add fragrance.

-Usually, surfactant – extremely notorious toxins – are used as cleaning agents in chemical detergents. These can have severe effects on skin and are linked to irritation.

-In order to increase the shelf-life of detergents, stabilizer is used. Stabilizers, being a chemical product in themselves, are harmful for eyes, lungs, and skin.

-Usually chemicals are used as brighteners in detergents so as to make the clothes look shinier. These chemicals accumulate ultraviolet light to which pose great risk to healthy skin.

Happy People

We believe your customers will be extremely happy with our soapberry products, and you will too.  What’s more, the communities we source the soapberries from will be happy for with every bag of soapberries sold they are provided with fair wages, treated ethically, and are provided with other benefits such as education, literacy, and income generation training.